Month: February 2016

Air Bonsai, Let’s go Banzai.

Is this for real? What an adorable air bonsai this is. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was watching the video for the first time.

LG Confirms: G5 Day is on Feb.21!!!

What a cute invitation! Oh~~ actually this is LG G5 invitation and it confirms that LG G5 will be launched on February 21st in Barcelona!

ProacmOm- Making baby feeding more enjoyable!!

Raising babies for the new couples is always fun, but some of fathers, or even mothers might feel annoyed when they have to heat up and do temperature control of the milk. Now ProacmOm has launched a next… Read More

New generation digital tape- dTAPE

I am neither a professional engineer nor a construction worker, still I frequently have to measure the height and length of objects, or the distance of a room and a space, Yet, taking measurements could be annoying and… Read More

Doki Doki, A watch for your adorable Kids—dokiWatch

What is an irresistible feeling? Have a look at this unprecedented smartwatch, and you may understand how it feels. From GPS locator to fitness tracker, The latest smartwatch, dokiWatch, is the very first wearable phone that features the… Read More

New Mighty Smartphone-Huawei Mate 8

The world renowned cellphone company, Huawei, has made some fast but astonishing moves. A while back, Huawei launched a significant product that let the whole world and cellphone users can’t help but take notice of this competitive company from China.