LG SmartThinQ Hub- Think Smart for you

LG SmartThinQ Hub- Think Smart for you

Do you still remember the quote from “Jurassic World”- kids look at a Stegosaurus like an elephant from the city zoo. And when I saw a report of smart hubs, I also still remember the writer put- Smart hubs that promise to wrangle all of your home devices into one system are nothing new. There’s no denying that the writer is right about this. However, in my opinion, I never take any convenience from technology for granted, therefore, yet I need to claim I cannot feel more surprised every time I witness new stuff coming out.


Luckily and interestingly, LG adds another Smart hub to it and seems to reach another level even higher. At InnoFest Asia, LG showed its new product- SmartThinQ Hub. This nifty and cylindrical “thing” looks just like a fashionable “thermos cup”. But don’t just judge a book by its cover; LG SmartThinQ Hub is able to communicate with a bunch of digital devices. Users can utilize it to understand the actions/situation of many things at home. Furthermore, with SmartThinQ APP, users can control digital devices with a touch on your smartphone.



I believe this is just like the scenario in the movies showing future technology to the audience. Not only that, the best part of SmartThinQ is users can even connect it to other home devices via Blutetooth and Z-wave once they are compatible, which means it would be unnecessary to purchase the home device made from LG.


All in all, with intense competition, customers are happy to enjoy the convenience brought by new technology, with all the advantages that LG possesses, customers have more options on the market, and with much of my personal anticipation, I seriously look forward to its usage in the future. Now the only problem how much it’s going to cost. Let’s be patient and see.

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