Meet the King of Vessels-ASUS ZenPower Ultra

Meet the King of Vessels-ASUS ZenPower Ultra


Just like Flash drives, the field of mobile power packs seem to be full of revolutions day by day. From the very first birth of mobile power pack, both inventors and users have been seeking stabler and faster power supply. However, pathetically, the capacity and the body of the mobile power pack are in direct proportion. It is kind of awkward to carry a power pack which is not that handy because of its size; therefore, the users try to “enjoy” the convenience and inconvenience at the same time for long.



ZenPower Ultra, a revolutionary mobile power pack, is going to be published by ASUS, might be the new beloved gadget for people who have long been in need of mobile power packs.

Maybe it would be better that I begin with a few of its specs.


  1. Lightweight- about 417 grams
  2. Dual USB on the top- Bi-directional charging. (faster charging)
  3. Massive capacity- up to 20,100mAh battery. Larger than most powerbanks on market.
  4. LED light as flash- Provides continuous light for 200 hours when fully charged.



As for Exterior, It has aluminum shell, making the whole build solid. And with the mellow-shaped top and bottom, the appearance is likesome and nifty, by the way, the matte black and matte silver also make it more fashionable. Well, at least I personally love the design.2-3

We don’t have any idea about the price yet, but I think ASUS ZenPower Ultra may possibly be the best powerbank by far and so far. Please follow us and we will keep you posted.


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