No More Pirated Products- Corning Is Now Showing Its First Movement on Screen Protector.


You can always find most interesting cultures In every corner in the world. In Taiwan, there is one fun fact making our cellphone culture kind of special- Screen protector. I know it may sound quite hilarious to you. However, indeed, many people in Taiwan, or even other countries love using screen protector in case the cellphone-screens are damaged by daily usage or by other accidents.

The thing is, we spend much money on peripheral products and accessories, including screen protectors of course, every time we buy a new smartphone. And the sales people, in general, will tell us how great their screen protectors are, or even tell us their screen protectors are made by “Corning”. Have you ever doubted whether theirs words are true, or you are just convinced by whatever they say?

Just right after the launch of Corning Gorilla 5, James Hollis, the technical director of Corning Inc. made a declaration about screen protector. He stated that it is a personal will to use screen protector, and Corning is going to release its own screen protector. Yet, will not be named Gorilla accordingly.

Based on what I have heard from the leaks, the new Corning screen protector may possibly be introduced into Taiwan at the same time as iPhone 7’s birth.

Unfortunately, if you were told the screen protector you are using on your smartphone are authorized by Corning Inc. I am extremely sorry to inform you that you have been mistaken for a long time. Hollis said Corning has never made or given any authorization to any manufacturer to sell screen protectors named after Corning.


I know, wherever there is business opportunity, where there are the con-artists. I never support or root for any pirated products. Nevertheless, I am personally looking forward to seeing Corning Inc. publish its own screen protector, and, also expect to see what the new and powerful name it will be.

Source: Saydigi

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