iXensor PixoTest – A Great Assistant with Blood Glucose Monitoring


Many people suffer from diabetes, and the patients have to do regular and daily tests. Therefore, making the process sufficient and convenient is not just a trend, but also does great benefits to people suffering from diabetes.

iXensor is an innovative blood glucose monitoring system for people in need. The only requirement is that users need to carry smartphones with them.


How it works? Please follow these steps and you realize it much easier than you thought.

1. Tear open the packaging and take out the PixoTest  

2. Twist the protective cap covering the lancet twice and pull it away from the lancet.

3. Press the lancet downward firmly against your finger to prick it.

4. Place the drop of blood in the test unit eyelet. The result will appear on your smartphone screen.


Amazingly, within 30 seconds and only one US dollar, The test can be done. As a matter of fact, there are more attractive features making PixoTest even better. For example-

  •  it’s compact, easy to carry, easy to use.
  • Smartphone connected, automatically save the results and data.
  • Additional equipment is unnecessary. Your smartphone is your glucose meter.
  • Vitro diagnostic system provides precise and accurate figures.

    Totally trustworthy especially for people who travel a lot.

  • More discreetness and privacy, You can monitor your blood glucose and the information is available anywhere and at any time.


Enclosing, The PixoTest brings more than convenience for you and I think several benefits are worthy of taking into consideration. Most of all, just like we have kept mentioning above; you can operated it with your smartphone, no additional device is required. Furthermore, the The PixoTest app will guide you through the measurement process. Your blood glucose readings are available at any time through the app or from the Cloud. After all, worry-free and privacy is the most important thing for patients.

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