Month: April 2016

Huawei P9 Introduction

To many of photography lovers, Leica cameras are always the dream cameras of all time. And it is common and easy to find out great art works which are taken with Leica cameras among a lot of world-class photos. Once I heard a… Read More

Apple iCar, Can you imagine that?

It is universal that people love to pursue great things in the world, especially things from a world-famous company- Apple.

iTron- Recahrge itself in minutes

Battery consumption is always a bothering issue for all the cellphone users. Most people would like to carry a portable power bank in case the battery runs flat. Interestingly, Even power bank requires a long time to recharge… Read More

Do You Want to Enjoy Acoustic Sounds, Try JVC Wooden Headphone.

Friedrich Nietzsche once said,” Without music, life would be a mistake.” From eighteenth century on, (Actually, according to the history, music seems to appear four thousand years ago) people started listening to music and appreciating it.