Confirmed information of iPhone 7!


Just when the whole world is waiting for invitation of iPhone, we have news about leaked Apple iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus cases and bumpers. Excitingly, not only have we confirmed that there are two different models -iPhone 7 and Plus, but seen the inventory list written in traditional Chinese characters.

According to the information from foreign website, the Apple iPhone 7 will have a larger camera lens, and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual camera setup. Additionally, we can obviously see a new model named the “Apple iPhone 7 Pro”, which is by far making me the most excited.



Besides, the cases and bumpers are also shown, and promised for September 15th delivery. And now it seems that the press release on September 7th gets “legit” from all these signs.


Date back to the iPhone 4 period, I still have the memory as fresh as yesterday, that was the period when rumors and leaks were always rumors and leaks. XD    Nonetheless, the leaks and rumors that come to our hands nowadays have become even more authentic. And it won’t be too exaggerated if you put,” Leaks and rumors can be big surprises now.” Time changes things, and things are different now. Perhaps the new iPhone 7 will bring us a surprising “Wow”. However, does the sign of the traditional Chinese characters on the inventory list implies that iPhone 7’s debut will be in Taiwan? It is a million dollar question.

Source: Saydigi

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