Shoka Bell-All You Ever Need on Your Bike.


No matter if you are a bicycle lover, bicycle safety must always be considered as the priority of all; Especially when riding a bicycle at night, riders have to pay more attention to the different situation coming from diverse directions, but it is a bit hard to focus on everything while you need to do a lot of actions at the same time. Therefore, a good device may be a great helper. Here we have a brand new product, and it has a cute name- Shoka Bell. I would say it is A MUST for all the bicycle riders.

What is Shoka Bell? “Be heard, be seen, be secure, the ultimate bicycle bell.” from the official page has described it pretty well. Shoka Bell is designed and made to be more effective. In universe, It keeps your bike safe with a theft alarm, avoids getting lost with navigation, and keeps track of your cycling habits. Actually, doing well on the basic things is simply the best for me.

Let’s learn more about this nifty gadget, and how it make our ride even safer and more convenient. Basically, it features several advantages.

  • Bell- It has eight sounds and can be controlled by an intuitive joystick. It even record your own message, and adjusts to ambient noise automatically and make sure you can be heard. What’s more, creating custom ringtones is not impossible and you are able to download more sounds free through the app.
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  • Navigation- connect Shoka Bell to your smartphone and choose your destination. And thus, navigation helps you avoid step hills and dangerous intersections, see you friends nearby, use local cycling routes and get real-time warnings.
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  • Front Light- The eight-facing LEDs prevent other drivers or riders from hitting you and lowers the risks riding at night.
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  • Theft/ Motion Alert- No worries about someone moves or steals your bicycle, The clamp that attaches to your bars works as a motion sensor, detecting movement up to 250m away.
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  • 200 hour battery life.
  • Others- You may download Shoka app for more practical utility. such as (1) automatically track your rides. (2) set routes. (3) download ringtones. (4) see where you parked. (5) monitor your progress. (6) earn points. Above all, there is one feature interests me quite a bit, the app works with iPad/iPhone and Android phones, and allows you to see your friend’s favorite route, see who’s riding nearby, and finally, build an integration with Instagram.

Shoka Bell is still fundraising on Kickstarter. There is no exact launch date or location for sure. However, I believe it will be a device that suits you down to the ground if you are a bicycle lover.

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