Month: August 2016

Your Home Guardian-Automist Smartscan

Accidents happen from time to time. We can never predict when or where they are going to happen, but we can prevent, guard or provide against bad things by doing precautions well. Firer are great causes of accident in many families,… Read More

Wokesmart- New Ways to Deodorization and Disinfectant on Your Shoes.

Footwear plays a vital role in our daily life. The sanitary of both your shoes and your feet are also very important. However, the smelly and dirty shoes have become another problem especially in some humid areas, or,… Read More

Your Personal Gym-Move It

I am an exercise person, and I do exercise a lot, but I don’t really have spare time for gym, nor do I have extra money to join one. It is a fact that modern people pay much attention to making money. However,… Read More

A Brief Talk on Iris Recognition Technology.

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was introduced to the world. And one of the greatest feature that Samsung try to tell the whole world is that Galaxy Note 7 is going to be equipped… Read More

Modobag- The Baggage Which Becomes Your Mount.

Dear friends, we have already introduced several pieces of outstanding and fantastic luggage for you on this website. From the baggage that goes upstairs to the baggage that follows you and so on. Interestingly, once again, we have recently found… Read More

No More Pirated Products- Corning Is Now Showing Its First Movement on Screen Protector.

You can always find most interesting cultures In every corner in the world. In Taiwan, there is one fun fact making our cellphone culture kind of special- Screen protector. I know it may sound quite hilarious to you. However, indeed,… Read More

Documenting and Sharing Your Adventure- Skye Orbit

Thanks to technology, there is no comparison between the modern life and the life in the past. People work hard and also play hard, and when it comes to “playing videos”, there is always a bunch of people loving it with… Read More

Heading toward Top Quality- Ambition Makes LG Supreme.

Speaking of the best household assistants, we can never miss out all the great help of appliances we have in home. For instance, Helping with the laundry, making the floor clean, maintaining food fresh, and keeping the air clear…. Read More

A Brief Talk on Yahoo

Once a smash hit and went extremely famous country-wide for a time in many countries. Yahoo has long not been heard with big news, and also been forgotten by many people. However, it has recently become the focus… Read More