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As busy people in modern world, how many of us have to eat out, and how many of us get to understand our dietary situation, or pay attention to our diet. I am afraid the answer is mostly negative. What’s worse, perhaps our diet chiefly consists of innutritious food (ok….I mean garbage food). The truth is the daily dietary intake plays an important role in our life.

Fundraising on Indiegogo now, Vitastiq 2 is the solution to realizing what sort of vitamin or mineral our bodies lack. Simple and quick, Vitastiq 2 is an innovative device that checks your nutrient levels, only, with your smartphones.


We haven’t had a chance to introduce you its first edition, but Vitastiq 2 has made a lot of improvement. first of all, the second edition is wireless, and Vitastiq 2 has better compatibility with smartphones and tablets due to Bluetooth technology. Second, the body itself is made of titanium, light-weight and also fairly durable.

I am not a nutritionist, nor am I good at nutrition, so a check on my diet becomes rather vital for people like me. As a matter of fact, Vitastiq 2 is able to help check the status of 30 most crucial vitamins and minerals. With Vitastiq, you can easily keep track of your vitamin and mineral status and then acquire further advice on how to improve it with the right choice of nutrients. Now let’s take a look at more advantages of this assistant.

  • Nutrient self-check anytime, anywhere
  • Detailed instructions for quick and easy use
  • Personalized nutrition advice
  • In-app video tutorials
  • Non-invasive, painless method
  • Bluetooth connection for an instant feedback
  • Sophisticated, light device made of titanium
  • User-friendly application
  • Rechargeable battery- more efficient
  • Better compatibility- more convenient
  • More durable and lighter- better quality

By the qualities we mentioned above and regular use, you can monitor the general nutrient trend and regulate your intake regarding vitamin or mineral you really need.


Instruction for use:

  • Launch Vitastiq application.
  • You can set up your own profile and add as many profiles as you need.
  • Select a template or make your own, and start measuring.
  • Read the instructions and watch video tutorials. All in one app!
  • Monitor your vitamin and mineral status regularly.
  • Find the exact point within 3-5 mm in the area of the measuring point as shown on the animation.
  • Slightly and carefully move the tip of device within the acupuncture point to find the highest value. Your highest value is the right value.
  • For best results, dampen the tip of device using a wet cotton pad before calibrating and before touching each measuring point.


If you have no idea about what to eat to make up what your body lack, or need a daily diet advisor like me, you may take Vitastiq 2 into your consideration. Vitastiq is still fundraising on Indiegogo. Priced at $89 dollars and will ship to all Indiegogo supporters by November 2016.

Source: Saydigi  Vitastiq 2

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