Do You Want to Enjoy Acoustic Sounds, Try JVC Wooden Headphone.


Friedrich Nietzsche once said,” Without music, life would be a mistake.” From eighteenth century on, (Actually, according to the history, music seems to appear four thousand years ago) people started listening to music and appreciating it.

Music has played an important and unnecessary role in our daily life, from background music of films to singers’ albums, it has already become a “must”, or, more specifically, has long been part of our life. And when it comes to musical instruments, we all know that most music instruments such as guitars, pianos, violins or any other percussion instruments are made of wood. As a matter of fact, wood is widely used on speakers and headphones. Though most people listen to music, few of them really understand the key to the sound quality depends massively on diaphragm, and the truth is, seldom are headphones’ diaphragms made of wood.


I will never say that I am one hundred percent sure about it. But I believe that almost all headphones and speakers that have wooden diaphragm are made by JVC, because JVC is the only company using wood as diaphragms of its products, which the company has been working on and developing for years.


In the history of audio equipment, we are aware that most diaphragms are made from the mixture of wood and other materials. it’s all because when the sounds pass through the diaphragms, the wood is easily broken due to its fragility. Luckily, JVC found a special way to make diaphragms more flexible and also gain diaphragms’ hardness by chance.


One of he senior engineers of JVC announced that they are now using a new technique which is able to thin diaphragms to 50μm. The thinner the diaphragms are, the better sound quality the headphones will provide. He also put that they use a new structure in the driving module which strengthens the density of line of magnetic force and therefore the device purifies the sounds and makes the quality of sounds even better as well.


The new headphones HA-SW01 and HA-SW02 of JVC are both equipped with birch diaphragms. (diameter: 40mm, thickness: 50μm) , and the PEN (A better material than PET) is used on Suspension. concurrent with the above, they do make the level of headphones higher and higher.


I personally listened to music with HA-SW01, and  there is no denying that the quality of the music has been improved incredibly, and I ccould even acquire the detailed sounds in my ears. In short, I feel myself in different zones through the music, cold and warm, comfortable and gentle.


The JVC officials announced they pick out the wood materials really carefully; the users can feel the detailed distinctions because of the different density and grains of the wood. For this reason, each of the headphone is special and unique. Not only that, they promised they are going to move forward and dedicate their effort to develop better headphones and earphones.

I am glad to hear that and love what they have been working on, as a music person, I can’t wait to enjoy quality music with a great headphone set. Are you also fond of music, too? Let’s look forward to it together.


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