LG SmartThinQ Hub- Think Smart for you

Do you still remember the quote from “Jurassic World”- kids look at a Stegosaurus like an elephant from the city zoo. And when I saw a report of smart hubs, I also still remember the writer put- Smart hubs that promise to wrangle all of your home devices into one system are nothing new. There’s no denying that the writer is right about this. However, in my opinion, I never take any convenience from technology for granted, therefore, yet I need to claim I cannot feel more surprised every time I witness new stuff coming out.


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Mario Time!!


What is the first impression we can recall when it comes to the very first video game. No doubt about it, I guess most people would have the same answer as I have in mind.

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You have budget consideration on smartphone? Take a look at LG X-cam and X screen.


Just right before the LG G5 Press Release, LG made some unexpected moves; The new X series: X-cam and X screen were announced as affordable smartphones for the users do not want to spend big money on smartphones, or for the users who may not have the big budget for the latest smartphones.

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Big Surprise for Your Lover via Facebook Messenger

The most romantic day of the year- Valentine’s Day-  A day that is really popular worldwide, especially among youngsters, worth celebrating over and over. Many people can feel endless romance in the air. Who wouldn’t like to last the romantic atmosphere for good and all?

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Best Smartwatch by far?! Meet Pebble Time.

Though I don’t really use a smartwatch, this multifunctional watch, Pebble Time, has already caught my attention when I first heard of it. Pebble Time is the second generation of Pebble Smartwatch; and I was attracted when I saw and understood the basic specifications of it. Let’s take a shortcut and have a “peek” at it.

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Air Bonsai, Let’s go Banzai.


Is this for real? What an adorable air bonsai this is. I couldn’t believe my eyes while I was watching the video for the first time.

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LG Confirms: G5 Day is on Feb.21!!!


What a cute invitation! Oh~~ actually this is LG G5 invitation and it confirms that LG G5 will be launched on February 21st in Barcelona!

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ProacmOm- Making baby feeding more enjoyable!!

Raising babies for the new couples is always fun, but some of fathers, or even mothers might feel annoyed when they have to heat up and do temperature control of the milk. Now ProacmOm has launched a next generation baby bottle for you.

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New generation digital tape- dTAPE

I am neither a professional engineer nor a construction worker, still I frequently have to measure the height and length of objects, or the distance of a room and a space, Yet, taking measurements could be annoying and bothering at times because of some awkward angles or unreachable height. And I do hope that I can have some other smart ways to take measurements. So the question is- can taking measurements be easier and simpler? Possibly, the invention of dTAPE can be the answer to this question.

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Doki Doki, A watch for your adorable Kids—dokiWatch

What is an irresistible feeling? Have a look at this unprecedented smartwatch, and you may understand how it feels. From GPS locator to fitness tracker, The latest smartwatch, dokiWatch, is the very first wearable phone that features the functions making your children safer than ever.

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