XPUMP- Change the Way You Enjoy The Sounds.


Sound plays both vital and different roles in our life. Not only is it always around us; most important of all, It soothes our mind, and excites our senses. Many people love to listen to music, but maybe just a few of them really enjoy the sounds of the music. Or perhaps most music lovers are limited by our realistic settings such as in the bustling city, dorms, and even our own homes.

Embrace Audio Lab, a company comes from Germany, launched a great and magical device on September second, 2016. It is named XPUMP. Based on the official statement, It turns any pair of stereo speakers into a virtual home theater sound system and is designed to unleash immersive sound for all.

With a patented digital signal processing algorithm called XROUND, XPUMP can extend the width and depth of the audio signal when you are playing games, watching movies, or listening to music, and amazingly transform flat stereo sound into an immersive three dimensional experience.

Working in real-time, XPUMP uses Spherical Sound Field Expansion Technology to multiply the stereo sound field by 200% while enhancing signal depth, width, and detail. In addition, the real-time detail boosting works every microsecond, and the boosting processor unleashes directional cues and hidden audio elements, offering users a wonderful immersive experience.


What’s more, XPUMP bring your audio equipment to a whole new level, enjoying cinematic entertainment will no longer be the same as usual. If you are a game lover, XPUMP boosts the sound field, from voices, special sound effects to musical instrument. Well, you can definitely say that XPUMP is almost your ultimate device and specifically suitable for Movie people, game lovers, and music diggers.

The developers of XPUMP are consist of a bunch of seasoned people -audio experts, designers, engineers, and audiophiles- with great experience in the field. They had worked hard on XPUMP and only do they hope to bring the level of sound enjoyment to another higher level. I hope you can also enjoy better quality of sound with XPUMP.  You want to have more information? Please visit XROUND.

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