Meet the Magical Writing Pads- Wacom Bamboo Slate and Foilo


Don’t even remember since when, the technology has been developed that I would use the term “magic” so that I think I can appropriately describe it. I like to appreciate art and also like to create art. And I have always imagined how wonderful it will be if there is some magical product out there that is able to make all my handwriting and drawings into digital data. If you have the same dream like I have always had, you have got to take a good look at the magical writing pads named Slate and Foilo of Wacom.

Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Foilo, developed and launched by Wacom, has plenty of paper (more than 100 pieces) can magically bring your writings and drawings to life and then you can easily share your note and ideas via cloud storage.



Well, let’s see how it works. First, every time you would like to write something major or minor, or jot down some instant note, or maybe you have some quick ideas that come to your mind, you just write them down on the writing pad. Second, you will need Wacom Inkspace App and a smartphone with Bluetooth. Next, you can arrange, edit, anything you have written on your pad by a push of a button. Finally,  the files and data are available in the cloud storage whenever and wherever you want.


What else- According to its official website, another great feature of the two is that Bamboo Slate comes in A4 / letter format or A5 / half letter format, both made of medium gray high-quality PU (poly-urethane) on the front, and likewise medium gray durable nylon fabric on the back. The pen’s ergonomic triangular design, soft-touch surface and pressure sensitive tip offer you a comfortable in-hand feel and perfected writing experience. Besides, you can get the essentials with a free Inkspace Basic* subscription: Bamboo Slate includes the free Inkspace Basic subscription, which gives you 5 GB storage (6,000+ pages of notes), the ability to sync content across all your smart devices, and access to your content on the Inkspace web portal.         Source: Wacom


How astonishing, these two new products do make my jaw drop at my first glance. Imagine how convenient and efficient your life or job will be, saying nothing if you are a person who love sketching and drawing. I think Slate and Foilo are so handy and they will definitely enhance your working efficiency, make you think further and work smarter than ever.

Source: Saydigi

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