Meet Qrio Smart Tag- Both Your Lucky Charm and Tracker


Have your heard of Smart Tag? I believe it may sound familiar to some of you. A tiny and chibi device that you can attach to your personal belongings such as suitcases, children’s harness, bags and cellphone. Then, you are able to know where your belongings are through the connection between Bluetooth and your smartphone. That’s Smart Tag.

What is it exactly- Being pretty successful on Japanese fundraising website, Orio Smart Tag helps you locate and find the things you usually forget about and also, it is a pretty decoration that comes in pink, light blue, lime yellow and navy blue. You can attach it anywhere you want at will.


About its size-  Qrio Smart Tag is 46mm in length, 26mm in width and weighs only 10 grams.


How it works- Use the smartphone app (both Android and iOS system supported), you track your things and find out where they are with ease. And it even makes sounds to make you easier to locate its spot.


What’s more- Besides the functions we mentioned above, unbelievably, Qrio Smart Tag can be a remote shutter, offering you great help with picture taking. In the future, the manufacturer announced that more designs (kittens and puppies) will be coming out and a special Hello Kitty edition will be going for sale in November on Hello Kitty’s birthday. You have got to be ready for this “tsunami of kawaii”.




Who says fashion has nothing to do with utility? Well, at least you can find it on Qrio Smart Tag.

Source: Saydigi

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