An Invitation Revealed the Approach of Gear S3?


For the next half year of 2016, not only can we see the battle of smartphones, but  also smell the gunpowder of peripheral products; especially the wearable devices. Samsung, regarded as a representative of wearable devices, is releasing new wearable devices on September first. And the rumor of debut of Gear S3 has been talked about all over the public and medias. However, this is just a guess without been proven by anyone or even seen on the invitation. we can only be patient to know the answer.

Observation on the Samsung’s invitation of press Conference, we noticed the invitation card has white words on black-colored background, with noticeable blue clock hands, showing this is a wearable device or smartphone invitation in some ways. No wonder people started guessing the release of Gear S3. And it is a pretty reasonable guess based on the time after the launch of Gear S2.


Well, what is the upcoming truth is absolutely worth looking forward to. And I personally, in fact, want to know more about in which way will Gear S3 be shown in public; and will it be a different edition for selection? we are about to know on September first.

Source: Saydigi


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