Wokesmart- New Ways to Deodorization and Disinfectant on Your Shoes.


Footwear plays a vital role in our daily life. The sanitary of both your shoes and your feet are also very important. However, the smelly and dirty shoes have become another problem especially in some humid areas, or, the shoes themselves get really stinky after a while you used them. Now, Wokesmart is your solution to this issue.

Do you have stinky shoes problem, or have difficulty cleaning your footwear. Please take a look at this new product and you may say goodbye to stinky shoes forever. A professor  named “hsu-heng from China, specializing in microorganism, created a device called Wokesmart- using active oxygen and  negative ion technology to Deodorize and Disinfect the footwear for you. Which is great news and pretty beneficial for whoever has problems regarding stinky shoes.


 The active oxygen and  negative ion technology is able to deodorize the shoes and makes you less embarrassed in many public areas. The shell is made of  aluminum alloy and shaped as an capsule. Wokesmart supports bluetooth 4.0, and users can clean approximately 27 pairs of shoes once it is fully charged, or approximate 14 pairs under powerful clean mode. Technically, the process of powerful clean mode takes three hours in totall, first one hour for Disinfectant and then later two hours for Deodorization. Amazingly, it sterilize almost all germs. (Up to 99.97% sterilization rate)




Plus, the App has been developed for users to download. Therefore, conveniently,  you can turn on and off Wokesmart via your smartphone. From now on, you can literally say goodbye to embarrassing situation in public and embrace all kind of occasions. Best of all, you feel like you are wearing new shoes every single time. Are you interested? it is now fundraising on JD finance and priced at 159 RMB.

Source: Saydigi

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