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I am an exercise person, and I do exercise a lot, but I don’t really have spare time for gym, nor do I have extra money to join one. It is a fact that modern people pay much attention to making money. However, every time I get off work at night, I can always see a lot of people still work out in the gym on my way home,  and this tells me the modern people don’t just care about fortune or diet, but regard health as an crucial part of life. Which is absolutely a good trend. Here I am introducing you “Move It”, for people don’t have extra time and money like me.

There are two things growing and getting popular day by day. The first one is the gadgets and tools are getting smarter and smarter. I see things and vehicles equipped with some intelligent devices as feature. The second one is connection; it seems the new products usually emphasize online connection. Well, “Move it”, according to the official page, is said to be the world’s first mobile-connected smart personal gym.


Technically and basically, Move It can be your 4-in-1 workout solution.

  • Jump Rope – Standard jump, reverse jump, and criss-cross jump
  • AB Wheel – Standard rollout, left side rollout, and right side rollout
  • Pushup stand – standard pushup, wide pushup, and narrow pushup.
  • Resistance band – left and right arm extension, shoulder extension, front and shoulder files, shoulder fly rotation and squat forearm extension.

Souce: Move It

It is kind of amazing that you can do so many things with one piece of fitness equipment. Plus, Move It connects users to a social platform; hence, you can are able to track, explore and share your progress online. Developers invented Move It out of connecting people, and hope users to get each other motivated and eventually, grow healthier together.


According to the official page, there are six more great functions of Move It. No matter you are a fitness person, or fitness freak (LOL). Please take a look at following features.

*Modular Connection, *Real-time Synchronisation, *Bluetooth Connectivity, *Battery Saving Mode, *LED Indication and *Extended Devices.
Among all these features, Bluetooth connectivity interests me the most. The Bluetooth v4.0 provides users more reliable connection so we don’t miss a rep! And battery saving mode is also a considerate and thoughtful design; the developers have programmed an auto power saving mode so that users can keep Moving with its long-lasting battery! As mentioned above, I would say extended devices is another attraction to me. The announcement says Move It may expand to support even more fitness equipment in the future.

I think Move It brings us not just convenience, though convenience is a huge advantage already, it still provides busy modern people better ways to keep fit. Most importantly, making fitness equipment fun (online connection) and furthermore, making people interested and want to do exercise with it. I believe Move It has started off on the right foot.

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