A Brief Talk on Iris Recognition Technology.


A couple of weeks ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was introduced to the world. And one of the greatest feature that Samsung try to tell the whole world is that Galaxy Note 7 is going to be equipped with iris recognition technology, for which will make Galaxy Note 7 the very first iris recognition- smartphone. With iris recognition technology, the protection and safety of your smartphone will be massively enhanced, and also improves the security of the data in your smartphone. Today, let’s have a brief talk on iris recognition technology and learn a bit more about it.

What is Iiris Recognition Technology? And what is the function of it?

To begin with, I would like to talk about the basic meaning of Iris recognition technology. According to Wiki, Iris is a thin, circular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil, and interestingly. It is also called “Huang Ren” in Chinese. And I would personally say it is just like the eye’s aperture (Its function is somewhat as the same as the aperture of a single lens camera. LOL) while iris is the diaphragm that serves as the aperture stop. However, iris, being talked about right here, is entirely unique of each human being on earth. And it won’t alter after 18 months of the birth, which means it is almost impossible to duplicate, fake, or fool iris. Therefore,  iris recognition technology is used in many ways such as anti-theft system and security system. Actually, you are like to see or you may have seen many of this in some movies. Now iris recognition system is used on Galaxy Note 7, providing better protection on files and data.


Most smartphone users store data in their smartphones without much care about security issue, and seldom do they realize the risks and dangers of data leakage. I strongly urge and make an appeal to all cellphone users to pay more attention to security issue. a lot of survey shows the iris recognition technology does work better and safer than fingerprint recognition system. I guess iris recognition technology will spread out quickly and widely, and will soon be acknowledged and used on many devices as well.

Does iris recognition technology have other applications?

So far as I know, iris recognition technology has only been used for protection. Nonetheless, perhaps there will be some manufacturer developing new uses of it in the future. In the long run, things always change. But, I have to admit that this technology is costly and pricey. And in universe, we don’t see this technology everywhere for the time being. Though I would like to see it grow, its future and development still count on sales and the entire market. Let’s just wait and see.


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