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Drinking water is necessary for our daily requirement. According to Wiki, body water is contained in the tissues, the blood, the bones and elsewhere. This water makes up a significant fraction of the human body.The average human adult male is approximately 69% water by weight. Even though some people prefer beverages more, people still need water container so as to carry water and other drinks.

If you do carry a thermos every day as a habit, this new product named Golchi may just be right for you. Actually, Golchi is another successful products with “Modular design”, (It seems modular-designed products go viral rapidly and easily, and hardly get old-fashioned. Fundraising on kickstarter, Golchi is a vacuum flask which is just like transformers; you can vary the combination (4 different types) at will based on your needs. There is a small compartment between upper and lower decks, so you are able to store anything such as snacks or medicine you’d like to carry along. Also, there is no need to worry about drinking hot or cold beverages; Golchi has an adjustable opening with 3 sizes, you only adjust the opening with one of your fingers; enjoying convenience is never far away.

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Golchi is 11.3 inches in height, 11 Oz, 3.25 Oz and 13 Oz in capacity each. It has three volumes in total, bigger volumes on the top and bottom (with lids and magnetic locking), and small volume (a built-in storage) in the middle. Both top and bottom volume have great thermal insulation, keeping your hot drinks up to 12 hours and cold drinks up to 24 hours. And you can easily tell hot and cold drinks by marking it red or blue.

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When I first saw Golchi, it looks just like a camera lens. Just kidding, I mean, It doesn’t look a traditional one, but has its unique appearance, pretty much like you are drinking with a futuristic water container. (LOL)


Enclosing, I have to say it shows a lot surprises to me. However, will it gain the popularity among modern people, or get favored by public? What’s your idea? Well, time tells.

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