I Got Your Back- Meet Air Case


If what history has taught us something, I would put people get lazier and lazier because the life in the modern world grows really fast and becomes super convenient (LOL). The higher technology we develop, the great convenient we will enjoy. Speaking of charging smartphones, without a doubt, the first idea comes to your mind must be the power bank. Perhaps it time for you to meet Air Case.

The thing is, technology does change the way we behave and the way we live, however, there is one thing no one in the world can ever change you, which is, your personality!


I do hate forgetting things, and I have no right to forget things due to my job. However, there are people out there who are so careful while there still a lot of people rather careless and usually, they forget thing all the time. A company has invented “Air Case”, claimed to be the thinnest smartphone case in the world, can charge your battery once you put it on your smartphone even though you are forgetful person who forget to bring power bank or charger.



Designed for iPhone 6 series, not only does Air Case charges your battery, but also has great-looking texture, enhancing the quality of your smartphone. Unlike the ordinary power bank or traditional charging case, it is better-looking, more useful and easy carrying. The capacity of iPhone 6+/6S+ is 2800mAh, and 2400mAh for iPhone 6/6S, allowing you to chat more, watch more and play more. Enjoy the convenient life, and try to be a lazier person as possible as you can be. ( I am just kidding.) Interested and willing to buy one now, check out HERE.




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