iPin, Making Your iPhone A Camera Ruler.


It seems that we have seen a lot of magic spread at 2016 Computex. And amazingly, from now on, you can have new experience of measuring things with ease. A team has  developed an entirely new app call iPin Spatial Ruler/ iPin in short, which uses a laswer spot and get the distance or length where the lasewr dot locates in a single shot. Hence, your iPhone is immediately turned in to a measuring tool.

You don’t need to be a professional architecture to understand how to measure distance or length. However, typically, most of us utilize traditional rulers all the time; It is not just time-consuming, but also not convenient, especially when the measurement comes to height. The invention of iPin is definitely the solution to all your problems. Users can do measurement whenever they need without burden and bulky tools at all; instead, users do it with iPhone in only a few simple steps.


For me, I consider iPin a great advantage for many of us. Users only need to plug the device into the earphone jack, download iPin Ruler APP, take pictures of the space, and then they get what they want. Plus, the laser ruler itself can be turned vertically, and the accuracy is rather good as well. People can’t move easily, or are not tall enough can have safer way to measure things and places by touching images on their screens of their smartphones. Shot first, measure later is also a great slogan from it official website.


Isn’t it great? If you just have plans about purchasing apartment, or you have a job requires measuring spaces frequently. Have a go on it. Maybe you will find your best daily pal.

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