Month: May 2016

Change at Will: Meet Vertex & Vector Thin

Moto X, as Motorola’s flagship brand, is now catching up the popularity, and is also releasing two all-metal phones with similar looks- Vertex and Vector Thin.

More Than What You Think: Samsung S7 Active

If you are a fan of Samsung smartphones, or even a die hard fan of camouflage, You can never miss out this brand-new Samsung S7 Active.

Alternative Keyboard You Have to Know: Infinitton

The modern world is so competitive and the time is always so tight. People have been seeking ways to save and spare more time no matter it is for jobs or leisure. Fortunately, a new smart keyboard of Infinitton… Read More

Shocking Shocking! Wakey Wakey!

Don’t feel like getting out of bed, maybe you need a “SHOCK Wristband” to help you maintain discipline every morning.

Spread out Your Imagination: A New Disney Painting App Is in Development.

Just like Singing, drawing and painting are always children’s favorites. I can never forget how much I loved to sing and doodle in my childhood. And now, Disney wants to add more fun to smartphones.

Dress for Different Occasions: Google Mode Watch Bands

Specifically designed for Android wear, Google released “Mode”, snap-and-swap watch bands.

Started off on The Wrong Foot ?!! HTC 10 LifeStyle Is Suffering from Terrible sales Performance in China

The releasing and publication of a new product, especially as a flagship product (HTC 10) of a great company (HTC), is always supposed to be a big hit in the market.   HTC just had its Press Release for its well-known flagship product,… Read More

Wristocat: Hand’s Best Friend.

Magnetic levitation technology has no longer unfamiliar to many people. But have you ever imagined a device that levitates your hand as you use keyboard or mouse?

Meet Pocket Washing Device – i-blue

Have you ever imagined living in the world just like the famous comic from Japan, Doraemon? Always having something surprising and funky in that magical pocket?

The Unexpected Development of Cellphone Cameras

Date back to early 21st Century, the public didn’t really pay much attention to the camera’s usage on smartphones. And few smartphone users could literally have the vision to see how cameras have brought out a tremendous change to smartphone market.