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I am so looking forward to the next high-end smartphone of ASUS, ZenFone 3, which will have its first debut at Computex 2016. There are three handsets confirmed from its official trailer.

Just one year after ASUS ZenFone 2 was launched in 2015, its successor is now coming with quiet a few excitements. According to the leaks, The ZenFone 3 has great processor, camera sensor, beautiful body design, and, big size display.  Before ZenFone 3’s debut, let’s learn about this successor more.


ASUS Club Indonesia shows us there are 3 handsets of ZenFone 3 based on the sizes of display and specs. The first handset is also the lowest-specced one, called ZenFone 3. Honestly, I will describe it as the stereotype of original smartphones. It’s said ZenFone 3 will feature a 4.5 display, I have a strong feeling that this handset is more likely to be a low budget one. It would be comfortable in many ways, but lacks aggressive traits I think.

The next one, or maybe I should put the my most preferred one, named ZenFone 3 Deluxe, is actually a high-end smartphone compared with its siblings. With 5-inch display and the distinct color, The charming body line and great quality appear on it. The overall performance will definitely shows your great taste.

As for ZenFone 3 Max/ Ultra, it has the largest display (5.5 inches- possibly 6inches) and enormous battery (said to be a 4600mAh cell). The word “GIGANTIC” could be appropriately used on it.


These siblings are all about metal and glass, glass on the front and back, and metal on the edges of frame. As the Computex 2016 approaches, the exact specifications of them all will be revealed in succession. You may visit ASUS Club Indonesia to learn more if interested.

The prices of the series will be ranged from $110 ~ 370 USD. If so, they will make an impact on the market and influence purchaser decision more or less. However, we will find out more in soon.


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