Meet ASUS Zenbo: The Best Accompanying pal.



Through the fast development of technology, the use of robots, without a doubt, is also on the rise. At Zenvolution, ASUS published a smart robot for home usage. It is named Zenbo, your smart little companion.

I am not surprised when it comes to several manufactures developing home care robots, but am really surprised how capable these small robots are. As a matter of fact, ASUS Zenbo caused a sensation on the publication day. A product requires a few elements to be attractive, but requires many factors to reach success. At the first glance, not even a second thought, I easily realized ASUS Zenbo is definitely going to be the new home’s pet for many families. It has lovely head and body, which is pretty “kawaii,” saying nothing of two big eyes and adorable emotions on its “face-display.”


ASUS Zenbo is created for family usage, and has a bunch of functions suitable for a variety of chores and errands. Let’s see how it assist us in daily life:

  • It moves spontaneously in the house, offering assistance wherever and whenever you want.
  • With a inbuilt camera, it is able to do face recognition, picture/video taking, video calls making and home monitoring.
  • Audible reminders of crucial information and story telling for children entertainment.
  • It heeds and gives responses to your requests and questions.
  • It has high-quality built-in stereo, allowing you to enjoy great music in the house.
  • Connecting to smart home devices, it can even control and interact with them.
  • Proactive artificial intelligence gives Zenbo the ability for learning and adapting to your preferences.
  • It express emotions with many facial expressions.


Isn’t it great? In my view, creating a capable robot is one thing, however, inventing a robot that helps people in heath and well-being is another. ASUS Zenbo can assist seniors in fitting in the digital life; for instance, it receives and shows the emergencies, and give notifications to family members. I personally consider this as priority, especially when seniors are in need or in an emergency. After all, nothing is more important than lives of our beloved family. Furthermore, it reminds you of important dates, vital appointments, and medication schedules.

What’s more, ASUS Zenbo can both take care of seniors as well as your children properly. Imagine this, a smart robot tells bed-time stories before your kids fall asleep, or interact with your children and teach them with educational games and materials. Your children can also enjoy their favorite songs and music with it. As the line in the movie- how can you not be romantic about “Zenbo!!” Can’t wait to see one and have it in your home. I am afraid we still have to be patient. The official price of ASUS Zenbo is $599 USD. It is a pity that when and where to release remains unconfirmed. Please follow us and we will offer you the latest news about it.



Technology has brought human beings great convenience, and now, machines are intelligent, so much so that robots are bringing us more than convenience. When I see robot inventions achieve more and more, bigger and bigger feats, I know we will reach incredible achievements in soon and on and on. I only hope we all utilize all this to make the world a better place.


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