iPhone 7- Case Unveiled


The launch of iPhone 7 is not distant anymore, and the leak of body case of iPhone 7 itself  shows that camera changes and speakers design are apparently confirmed.


Though all the new things will ultimately become old, people will never get tired of digging the rumors and leaks before new things actually come out. We all know iPhone 7 is just months away. The new leaks from diverse website have revealed some variety compared to predecessors. And today, I made an arrangement of leaked information and also, made the summary for you. Now let’s start out.

To start with, there are several major prominent features worth paying attention to:

  • According to the new leak, there are some speaker holes, suggesting a brand new audio setup, from 9to5mac, it’s rumored that iPhone 7 will have the same “4-speaker design” as iPad Pro does, which is, equipped with 4 individual speakers on each side, so as to enhance sound quality.
  • Then, new dual camera, it’s said the leak confirms there will be big changes on cameras; for instance, bigger lenses and the LED flash will be sitting underneath the camera module.
  • Next, the repositioned antenna: The antenna bands seems to have been fashioned in a better way. Sorry we don’t have further information to be confirmed.
  • Finally, wireless headphones: We don’t really see any smart connector from the leaked pictures. Bold guess here, the connector will be canceled.


Overall, apparently, Apple wants to try something innovative and bring forth new ideas, no matter its design, display, camera, hardware, software, and even appearance. So far we can only imagine what iPhone 7 will be based on what we have in hands. Yet still as we mentioned before, in my view, it is surely a great sign to see new creation, ideas and innovation. In the long run, it will be beneficial to bot manufactures and customers.

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