What Will Be Popular after Smartphone? Meet “Smart Coffee Table!!”


Multifunction is by far an unstoppable trend in the entire world. Just when smartphones have been developing as pets of all modern people, it is time for someone to put some new excitements in our ordinary life.

Jindong Mall, or JD.com in short, is a Chinese electronic commerce company headquartered in Beijing. And recently, It has showed a piece of novel furniture called “Smart Coffee Table” on its website. You may be like “WHAT”, even a coffee table can be smart. Yes and indeed, this interesting product has already fundraised more than 8 million RMB. How come it has such glamour?



In fact, We all have experience of eating fruit and tasting weird seafood smell, or leaning against the wall while charging and using smartphones at the same time. Now it is time to say goodbye to those inconveniences. You cannot be too surprised when you can use a coffee table also as a fridge, a Bluetooth speaker, a USB charger. It does make your life super convenient and fashionable. It comes in white and bright gold, 1300*665*459 in size, metallic case, and tempered glass as table surface. Not only is it easy to clean, but also make your living room elegant and graceful. Now Let’s take a look at its functions.


  • Fridge: With a touch panel at the right lower corner, users can easily turn on/off the fridge or adjust the temperature (1-12℃). It has two individual compartments, allowing users to categorize food with ease.
  • Bluetooth speaker and USB charger: Two amazing designs to let you enjoy great sounds or music without spending extra money on speakers, and charge your or visitors’ smartphones while sitting comfortably in the couch.
  • Others: No frosting or fog. Low noise (not more than 36dBA)



Based on the amount of raised fund, I believe Smart Coffee Table will go viral in soon. The lowest pre-order price is 2599 RMB, starting delivery in a month after fundraising is finished. I only hope they would deliver to more countries in the future.

Source: Saydigi

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