The 1st Samsung Foldable Smartphone May Possibly Appear.


It has long rumored that Samsung is developing a “foldable” smartphone and is probably launching it the following year (2017).

According to the leaks, Samsung is now in implement of developing a smartphone which is a new concept product that enables users to utilize it as a 5-inch smartphone and 7-inch tablet if opened.

There’s no denying this idea recall what old cellphones styles were; but I know this is nothing like what we had before. Actually, the market of smartphone is tarrying after all these year. Indeed, it might be a great moment to show the world some new ideas now.


Obviously Samsung doesn’t make comment on rumors or deny this new product’s upcoming release, yet the authorities of Saumsung did say that they are planning on mass-production and release of this product by discussing with our partners. (by partners, we mean some specific domestic and foreign businesses based on accurate information)

We don’t really have much further information about foldable smartphones yet, still we have rumors in hand:

(1) It is possibly to be a 7-inch foldable smartphone.

(2) You can bend the screen in half and carry it like a wallet.

(3) it is designed to be used as a smartphone and a tablet.

(4) It’s said the prototype is finished with development, and Samsung hope to mass-produce Foldable Displays from 2nd half of this year.


Well, nothing is 100 percent sure before it is actually launched. However, this action will definitely cause a great impact and I do look forward to see another big boom of smartphone industry.

Source: Saydigi


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