Time to travel? You may need a GooBag


Are you usually on the move and travel around frequently? Convenience is always taken into consideration no matter you are a seasoned traveler or a starter traveler. Here I really want to introduce GooBag to you.

I travel abroad every year, and I notice it’s rather vital if I could save more time from dealing with baggage issue. Particularly with those minutes I saved, I could spare more time to do extra things and make my trip more enjoyable. GooBag, with a distinctive design, is a collapsible luggage bag and make travelers quicker and easier to organize their belongings. Not only that, you can also store GooBag with ease when it is not in use. You may have the same concern as I do- what about the durability? Actually, there is no need to worry about that, GooBag is designed for frequent travelers and is made of stain-and water-resistant materials, so GooBag is both strong and durable.


At the first glance of this eye-catching luggage, an instant idea came to my mind- What!! This is totally awesome, I’d like to have one. As a matter of fact, GooBag has just won the Red Dot Award. However, there’s still a major problem GooBag has to face, which is- can it really go into mass production or can it be checked in/ transported. Or, maybe it is just appropriate to be used as a carry-on luggage. Please follow our news and we will keep you posted.

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