biēm Butter Sprayer!! Get your butter sprayed


Are you a butter person, or a gourmet of butter? Please check it out here. A fun way to enjoy your butter-meal is now available and it cannot be any easier ever. Biem Butter sprayer is a great gadget that makes your butter sticks become butter spray in a few seconds.

I love butter, and I believe a great number of people worldwide dig it as well. If so, I think many of them must like to add butter in a variety of foods while eating. However, having preference for butter is one thing, and applying butter on food like toast is another, especially when the butter is cold, not only does it difficult to be applied on the toast, meanwhile, but tears up the toast.

Actually, biēm Butter Sprayer is created by a team of world-class engineers in San Francisco according to the advertisement. The truth is, with biēm Butter Sprayer, users are able to spray butter on food with ease, from vegetables to popcorns, any kinds of food you may imagine. Personally, I think the best of all, which is unprecedented, is we can spray butter on them for “perfect coverage.”


Here are the features from the official website:
• Cool spray to the touch.
• Uses no chemical or artificial propellants, just heat and air.
• Store in the refrigerator or on the counter.
• Patent pending nozzle deigned to prevent clogging.
• Faster and easier than spreading butter with a knife
• Doesn’t overheat the butter to melt. Just 95 degrees
• Easy to use. Easy to clean.
• Use any real butter.
• Does not melt the whole stick. Melts only the butter you need and tells you when to add butter.
• Smart on off. Accelerometer knows when you are picking it up to use and turns the biem on and off automatically.
• Ready to spray in seconds.


Do you want to have smarter way to store and use butter? You definitely can take biēm Butter Sprayer into consideration. Enjoy your “Butter-meal.”

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