Level up Your Image/ Video Qualities- New Panocat Is Your Best Choice


Photo shooting with smartphones is always the first choice while traveling, meeting or dating. Why? It’s simple, and most importantly, it’s always the most convenient way to keep your memorable moments.

Since the first generation published, Panocat has been dedicated to developing a better camera head. Not only does New Panocat inherits the old one, but there are two great innovations added to New Panocat- one is Time-lapse photography function, the other is improved inner structure and IC program. Now let me give you a brief introduction of this exquisite gadget.


(1) Panoramic photography (photos)- Using a smartphone to take a full shot of the landscape is not difficult any longer, however, taking a great full shot of landscape is not that easy on the other hand. Now with New Panocat, (it provide users adjustable spin speeds that you are able to take great photos on par with the professional ones.

(2) Panoramic photography (videos)- as mentioned in the first point, the adjustable spin speeds offer users great assistance in filming the settings around you. Users themselves can be, or learn to be a small directors and make the stable films for fun.

(3) Time-lapse photography- It’s hard to believe that we are capable of creating pro-like videos with ease, the best part is there’s no need to spend a lot of money purchasing pricey equipment.


New panocat pack includes a head, infrared remote control, and two AAA batteries. The batteries last up to 200 hours. Are you interested in New Panocat now? Perhapys you would like to join the raise-funds program of flyingv, therefore, you can buy a New Panocat for NT$1280 as a sponsor with a protective bag included.

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