Handy with facility- LifeLink USB cable


Do you ever feel annoying and troublesome whenever you need to carry USB cables along? Well, because of my job and for some convenience reasons, I am definitely one of them who need to use USB cable frequently.


A new Choice is now coming toward you. Concentrating on inventing electronics, especially micro electronic products, Plusus, a group/ company from Australia has published a new USB cable. According to the pictures and its official website, this new USB cable appears to be the most compact, ultra-portable charge and sync cable so far in the world.


What do people normally ask for when it comes to USB cables? Generally I will say fast transmission, durability, convenience, and reasonable price. Interestingly, you can find all the features on LifeLink USB cable. It is not like traditional cables we used to use, for instance, all the traditional cables have long wires connecting two sides while LifeLink only has two thin pieces of joints connected with a short wire. The length? It is only 7 inches when open, so that we can easily store it in our wallet or purse, or even we can use it as a key ring; therefore, you don’t forget it or miss it like we did before. The best part for me, you may find LifeLink USB cable is strong and also “FLEXIBLE”, which makes it more durable than any other products you can find in the store.



Do you like it? It costs US 29.95 dollars and comes in gray and white. Please go to the nearby electronic store and check it out.

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