LG G5 Rumors are Flying

LG G5 Rumors are Flying

Nowadays, in my opinion, smartphones have already reached an unbelievably high level that beyond my imagination. The truth is-it is visible and also there is a tendency that the modern smartphones have just “more-than-multifunction”

The rumors of LG G5 never stop coming out; Here I have gathered several newest information and specs for this upcoming incredible smartphone. Let’s take a close look at it.


First, I’d like to say it may have a removable battery and a unibody design according to the new rumor. And for the upcoming MWC 2016, LG seems to use music box as the background of its invitation card. It may refers to the previous LG V10-the inbuilt DAC chipset. Also, it’s said that LG G5 will inherit this chipset from V10, and G5 is rumored to have a 5.6 inch HD IPS display with a flexible touchscreen. High resolution up to 4K display. Not only that, it may feature an IR blaster, MicroSD support, USB Slot and 3GB RAM and so on, which means G5 will definitely become a high-end smartphone especially for capturing photos and filming.

Next, G5 may well have an all-metal design, with a fingerprint scanner power button on its back; in addition, possibly, it will have a curved screen. (Either above and below or side to side.)

At last, I really want to take some bold guess of G5’s specifications. However, I am pretty interested in capturing pictures and filming, therefore, I would rather share some accurate rumors about its camera. I personally am really thrilled about the its lens which has a width of 1/2 an inch, and it will be equipped with a 20MP sensor, featuring multigesture detection. The best part is that the front camera may have iris scanning system. So you may just unlock your smartphone by a easy look at it.

I think, perhaps I should say I quess, G5 will be unbeatable once it comes out. After all, we can’t say all the rumors and information are correct until it really comes out. I do look forward to having the first look at G5 at MWC 2016. We will keep you posted.

Source: techradar & Saydigi

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