A peek in HoloLens

A peek in HoloLens

Augmentation, a word that I was never familiar with, has always been a popular term in people’s vocabulary bank. While augmentation techniques are always on the rise, Microsoft has recently been reaching out in many fields and therefore I can say many people benefit from it.


As we know, many of us, including me, look forward to seeing or hearing of news of augmented reality headset. Now Microsoft just released a new headset- Hololens, as a reader, I believe many persons out there would like to know more about this headset. Here I try to arrange some information for you.

-It can talk to any device with Bluetooth or WiFi.

-It can run any universal Windows 10 app.

-It has the access to multiple headsets over the internet.

HoloLens is one major equipment of the Windows Holographic. It provides users great 3D views and surround sound, and users are able to interact with it by eyesight, voice and gestures. Thinking of experiencing the mixture of real and virtual world, I think HoloLens has got the spirit and element of it. I can’t really say this product must be mature enough or excellent in many ways; honestly, it still depends on users’ point of views. According to the information, HoloLens is not available for ordinary users so far, and it remains “under development”. However, it has great potential in the near future, let’s just keep track of any up-to-date news of HoloLens

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